Ishan Kishan Exclusive: Roar of Ishan Kishan – Let the opportunity come, now I will complete the double century with sixes..

new Delhi. Ishaan Kishan, who has made the year 2022 special for himself by scoring a double century in ODI cricket, is ready for a new beginning in 2023. Recently we had a special conversation with this wicket-keeper batsman from Jharkhand. A few days ago, Ishaan Kishan made a place in the elite club, which includes veterans like Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma, by scoring a double century in the last ODI on Bangladesh tour.

  • Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma and then Ishan Kishan… How does it feel when you find your name in this elite list?

    I feel very happy when everyone tells me that your name is after these great players, I feel very happy. It also seems that I have to do better so that I can make a bigger name. As much as Sachin paji, Viru paji, Rohit bhai. What these people have done for Team India, I can also do that and win as many matches for the Indian team. That’s why it happens that there is happiness for a few moments but it seems that now I have to start working.

  • It’s time for that double hundred. But now when you watch the highlights or recall that innings, do you pinch yourself whether I have really scored a double hundred.

  • I had this hope from myself that I would definitely do it because those who are aggressive batsmen like to play a lot of shots once they settle down. Especially when you have a good day, any aggressive batsman can change the game… But now when I look at that innings, I see that I got out in the 35th over, with 15 overs left, I feel very bad. I wish I had played those 15 overs as well.

  • But what is there to regret in this. Your style used to be Veeru’s style. There was a time that no one had scored triple hundred for India before Veeru, then he scored two triple hundreds… do you think brother, if it doesn’t happen today, it will happen some other day.

  • It seems exactly the same. Whenever I watch his videos, I really like Viru Paji’s batting. Like he used to hit because at that time when there was a match with Pakistan, there were so many fast bowlers and it was fun to see his (Viru) boundaries against them. If I got a chance and if I came back in the same situation, this time I could not do it with sixes. But next time I will surely complete my 200 with sixes..

  • You are not playing regularly in playing 11. Suddenly Team India loses the series to Bangladesh, Rohit gets hurt and you get a chance. You capitalized on that opportunity and as people say, hit a four on the spot… but you hit a double hundred on the spot?

  • Many things come to mind, yes we were playing Bangladesh. But the special thing about cricket is that no team is small and no team is very big. Whatever good plan he makes on that day, whoever plays good cricket wins. My only effort was that when I got a chance, I thought I should prove myself and then when I got set at the crease, I thought I should convert this innings into a big score. So that the team also gets help and I can play my game. I don’t feel bad when I get out as soon as I go to the crease in a match, but I feel very bad when I can’t play a big innings after being set. So it was my plan that if I get set, I will not give my wicket easily and will make a big score.

  • Ishaan a few years ago a documentary of Mumbai Indians came. It was very interesting. You were featuring in it. Mahela Jayawardene was talking with you. I saw this documentary two-three years back. Since then one thing of Ishaan Kishan has settled in my mind where he is talking about his weaknesses. A young player talking about his weakness in the open platform. Generally people shy away from disclosing their weakness in front of the world. But you don’t think so. Tell about it.

  • My thinking is clear that if someone comes to know my weakness then I don’t look to save myself, rather I try on the contrary that if someone knows that I have some problem in batting, then he will meet me next time. So I can prove him wrong. Suppose if my cut shot is week then I have talked to the coach about it and it has also been shown on TV so now if next time I get that ball I will go to hit it then he will think oh man this So have practiced this ball because at this level you cannot stay week for a long time. Now so many videos of the game are watched that everyone knows everything.. What is your strength, what is your week. And when you play at the international level, you have to work a lot on your weekdays as well.

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    FIRST PUBLISHED : January 01, 2023, 20:21 IST

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