Ishan kishan fastest to score double century in ODI How started wearing earrings stud when he was in 6th class know story


Ishaan Kishan left home at an early age to become a cricketer.
Ishaan was in the sixth class, since then he started wearing earrings.
There is also an interesting story related to this, which he told in an interview.

New Delhi. Ishan Kishan has established himself as an aggressive batsman in a short span of time. Ishaan hit the fastest double century in ODIs on Bangladesh tour last year. Due to this performance, he was also selected in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy team of 4 Tests against Australia. However, Ishaan did not get a chance to play till now. But for the first time ever, this wicket-keeper batsman made it to the Indian Test team. Ishaan struggled a lot to become a cricketer. He had left the house in a short time. Many times even slept hungry. However, his hard work paid off and today he is playing for Team India.

Ishaan Kishan is very naughty since childhood. Due to his antics, the parents used to be very upset. In his childhood, while playing cricket, he broke a lot of glasses in the houses of the neighbors. For this, not only Ishaan’s parents also got to hear a lot of things. Ishaan is seen wearing ear studs like Hardik Pandya and Shikhar Dhawan. Very few people would know that he got his ear pierced when he was in the sixth class and since then he is wearing studs in his ear. There is an interesting story related to this.

Ishaan made a unique excuse to wear earring
Ishaan Kishan once shared the story related to how wearing ear studs (earring) started on Cricbuzz’s show Spicy Pitch. When Ishaan was in the sixth grade. Since then she had a desire to wear studs. At first the parents refused a lot. But when Ishaan insisted, the father gave permission. However, she was not allowed to wear it in school at such a young age. In such a situation, Ishaan found a way to fulfill his wish. To fulfill his wish of wearing an earring, he made his grandfather a mortal while still alive.

Ishaan had said in the interview of Cricbuzz, “I had got ear piercing done in the sixth class itself. Now I had to wear studs (earrings) in my ears. How to get permission from the school for this was in my mind. Because there was no such culture in Patna that a boy would roam around wearing studs in his ear. So he asked his father to give me an excuse in writing so that I can show up in school and wear studs.

Ishaan further added, “Then I remember writing an application to wear studs in school. It was told in it that this was my grandfather’s last wish. After this, whenever the teacher saw me wearing earring at work and scolded me, I used to say that this was grandfather’s last wish. After this the teachers also did not ask any questions. The interesting thing was that then Ishaan’s grandfather or great grandfather was also alive.

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Ishaan took a lot of beating from his mother in his childhood
Apart from this, the mother was very upset due to a habit of Ishaan, which she revealed in this show of Cricbuzz. Mother had told that in childhood a teacher used to come home to teach maths. But even before he started studying, Ishaan’s copy and book used to go missing and he used to spend half the time to find it and this happened every other day. Ishaan was not only scolded for this, he also had to be beaten several times by his mother.

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