Ishan kishan ready to play in ipl 2023 soon in childhood he breaks colony mirrors while batting


Ishaan Kishan was very weak in studies.
Used to break glasses while playing in the colony

New Delhi: IPL 2023 is going to start soon. Many teams have also started preparations on their home ground. Ishaan Kishan will once again be seen playing for Mumbai. Due to his excellent performance, he has consistently made a place in the Mumbai team. But do you know that in his childhood he used to break glasses while playing in the colony. Now he is known for the best batting in IPL.

Ishaan Kishan said in an interview, ‘I was very weak in studies. My brother was very good in studies. He used to score 48 out of 50. My elder brother also wanted to become a cricketer. But the coach told my father that one does not feel like studying. At least read the other one. Ishaan recently scored a double century against Bangladesh. He would like to do something similar in the IPL as well.

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With Mumbai since 2018

Ishaan Kishan was included in his team by Mumbai Indians in the year 2018 by giving an amount of 6.2 crores. Then in the 2022 auction, Mumbai spent Rs 15.25 on Ishaan. He became the most expensive player in the 2022 auction. He is all set for the IPL of the year 2023 and will be seen playing soon

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Talking about the Indian Premier League auction, Ishaan Kishan said, ‘When the auction took place, I was bought for Rs 6.20 crore. Obviously this amount was too big for us. When I went home, father’s BP had increased after hearing this news. After this he had to be admitted to the hospital.

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