Ishika of Muzaffarpur will play in BCCI tournament, what is her dream

Report – Abhishek Ranjan

Muzaffarpur. The daughters of Muzaffarpur are doing wonders these days. Muzaffarpur’s daughter Ishika Ranjan has been selected for the Senior Women’s Cricket Tournament to be organized by BCCI. Ishika is a resident of Sikandarpur in Muzaffarpur.

Ishika’s father Rajni Ranjan Rajesh and mother Anamika Kumari are very happy with this achievement of their daughter. Ishika will now play the role of opener batsman for the senior cricket team in the ODI tournament organized by BCCI.

from your city (Patna)

Playing cricket since the age of 13

Ishika, selected for the senior women’s cricket team, will now be seen in the cricket field as an opener. Talking to News18 Local, Ishika told that she is practicing day and night for the upcoming tournament. Ishika has got a place in the team for the upcoming ODI match.

Further, Ishika Ranjan says, she started playing cricket at the age of 13. After playing cricket for Bihar Cricket Academy, Ishika has played many Under-19 and Under-23 tournaments.

ready for any responsibility

Ishika tells that her dream is to play for the Indian team. With this selection in the BCCI Trophy, now the hope of playing international cricket has increased. Ishika says that whatever responsibility she will get, she has to fulfill it well.

After the selection of Ishika Ranjan for the Women’s Senior Cricket Team to be organized by the BCCI, a wave of happiness is being seen among the people of Muzaffarpur. Ishika wants to give the credit of her success to her parents along with her coaches Chiranjeevi and Vikas Ranjan.

Dream of playing international cricket for India

Ishika Ranjan told that it is a matter of pride to be selected for the tournament organized by BCCI while playing in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Due to hard work, when I have reached here, I am sure that one day I will bat for India in the international women’s cricket team as well.

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