ISRO may launch Gaganyaan in 2024

The country’s first human space flight mission, Gaganyaan is likely to be launched in 2024. The central government had planned to launch this space flight last year but it had to be postponed due to the Corona epidemic. After the first test flight, the spacefaring humanoid robot, which looks like a woman, will be sent to outer space.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh has been quoted in a media report as saying that the country’s first human space flight mission is likely to be launched in 2024. Indian Air Force made this space flight Mission For this, four fighter pilots have been selected as crew. He has received training in Russia. The spacecraft is planned to be launched at an altitude of 15 km. During this, space scientists will prepare for an abort situation. This will ensure the return of the crew capsule to Earth using parachutes. The crew capsule of Gaganyaan will go to a higher altitude from the second orbital test flight. This will be followed by a similar abort condition making the system accurate.

Recently ISRO has developed a new system. It is being called ISRO System for Safe and Sustainable Operation and Management (IS4OM). IS4OM prepared in India will help the country in space science. The number of satellites floating in space runs into thousands. These satellites orbiting the earth are fulfilling the needs of various countries related to science, weather, agriculture and internal security. Of these, 53 are Indian satellites. Along with this, there are thousands of such satellites, which are now destroyed and are floating in the orbit. Existing satellites can be destroyed due to their collision. This is where IS4OM will come in handy. It detects and monitors debris in space. This system With the help of satellites debris can be prevented from colliding with existing satellites and they can be protected.

It will track the debris in space, identify their collision with our satellites and prevent the situation from getting worse. Whatever information it provides will directly reach ISRO’s headquarters in Bangalore. Separate labs have also been set up under this project. IS4OM will enhance self-reliance in the security of the country’s space assets.

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