Joe Darling has hit the first six in cricket history the ball fell across the stadium


Who has hit the first six in cricket history?
hit the ball hard and reached across the stadium

New Delhi. Cricket lovers like the sixes and fours hit by the batsmen in the field. But do you know who was the player who hit the first six in the history of cricket? If you do not know, then we have brought the answer to this question of yours. The special record of hitting the first six in the history of cricket is in the name of former Australian cricketer Joe Darling. Darling did this amazing feat about 125 years ago in the year 1898 at the Adelaide Oval.

Joe Darling hit a six against England at The Oval:

Before 1898, the rules for applying six were different. Actually, like today, sending the ball outside the boundary did not yield six runs. During that time, only five runs were available for sending the ball outside the boundary. Yes, if you took the ball across the stadium, you would have got six runs. For this, the batsmen had to put in a lot of effort. Which was almost impossible, but Darling made this impossible task possible on 14 November 1898.

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He hit a powerful shot against England at the Adelaide Oval and the ball went into the innings. Thus Darling got six runs on this ball. Along with this, his name also got registered in the pages of the history of cricket.

Joe Darling’s Cricket Career:

Darling was an explosive batsman as well as a fine captain during his cricket career. He played a total of 34 Test matches for Australia. At the same time captained the team in 21 matches. During this, the Kangaroo team was lucky to win seven matches, while faced defeat in four. Darling has 1657 runs in 34 Tests at an average of 28.56. During this, three centuries and eight fifties came out of his bat.

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