Just one phone-call forced this great bowler to retire, know what happened after all?


Former bowler Saeed Ajmal made a shocking disclosure
Shocking allegation made on former PCB chairman

new Delhi: Former great Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal has made a shocking disclosure about his retirement. Ajmal retired from all formats of cricket in the year 2017. He says that he wanted to play further. But he could not play due to the interference of former chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board.

Saeed Ajmal said on the UltraAge podcast, “When I came into action, I was just fed a match. Inji Bhai (Inzamam-ul Haq) told me to perform in domestic cricket. I said if I have to perform in domestic cricket, why should I play? I also have a name, I have a reputation. Do I have to prove now? So he said yes, you have to do it. After that then I played for Karachi.

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Ajmal further said, “Karachi had never won the T20 competition. I took 20 wickets in that tournament and we won the championship trophy for Karachi. When I called Engineer Bhai, he said that the chairman does not want you to play. I said ok, I then played 4-5 matches in first class, again in T20 and I was the second highest wicket taker in that. Then I asked is there any chance that I can play for Pakistan again? He said no. Then I said that I am taking retirement. thanks for your help”.

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Please tell that Saeed Ajmal was one of the best players of Pakistan. While bowling for Pakistan, he has taken 178, 184 and 85 wickets in 67 Test innings, 112 ODI innings and 63 T20 innings respectively. He has taken more than 500 wickets in first class cricket. On 13 November 2017, Saeed Ajmal announced his retirement from all formats of cricket.

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