kane williamson found his love of life sara raheem during treatment in a hospital father of 2 kids without marriage

New Delhi. Kane Williamson is a cricket icon and one of the most followed cricketers. Fans know about the records made by Kane Williamson on the cricket field, but very few people know about his personal life. Ken Williams does not talk much openly about his personal life. Williams is definitely on social media, but does not share many pictures with his family. Kane Williamson’s partner Sarah Rahim is also present on Instagram, but she has also made her account private. It is known from this that both Ken and Sara do not want to make their personal life public.

Kane Williamson and Sarah Rahim are the parents of two children, but if media reports are to be believed, Kane and Sarah have not married. There are no pictures of his wedding even on Kane Williamson’s Instagram account. Nor has any news of his marriage ever appeared in the news. So let us tell you how Kane Williamson and Sarah Rahim met.

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Kane Williams and Sarah Rahim’s first meeting took place in a hospital. Sara Rahim is a nurse by profession. In 2015, the hospital where Kane Williamson was undergoing treatment. Sara was a nurse in that. Here, the two met and Ken fell in love with Sarah on seeing her. Both took each other’s number. Ken and Sarah go ahead with the hospital visit. Then both started dating each other. Ken and Sarah are dating each other since 2015. Both have not spoken publicly about their relationship.

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In December 2020, Kane Williamson shared the information about the birth of his daughter Maggie with the fans through social media. After this, in May 2022, Ken and Sarah became parents once again. This time a son was born in his house. Giving information about the birth of the son, Williams shared the photo of both the children with Sarah.

Please tell that Sara Rahim was born in Bristol, England, but later she came to New Zealand. He has also been linked to Pakistan by taking the name of Sara Rahim. It was being said about her name that she might be from Pakistan, but no concrete information about it has ever come to the fore. Which religion does Sara follow? Don’t even know it. However, it is absolutely correct that Sarah was born in England. Now nothing is known about where his ancestors belong to.

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