Kangaroo could not eat even a morsel from the plate kept in front of him, then won the final frontier in Nagpur, will he be able to repeat the same charisma after 19 years?


The first Test between India and Australia will be played in Nagpur
The last time Australia won a Test series in India was in 2004.
The Kangaroo team had crossed the final frontier from the Test held in Nagpur.

New Delhi. The Australian team has once again come to India to win the final frontier. Every time the Australian team came here after winning the whole world, its pride was shattered. In 2001, his victory chariot of 16 Tests stopped in India only. Australia last won a Test series in India in 2004. It has been 19 years since that victory. Once again the Australian team has come to end the drought of 19 years. But the question is, will the Kangaroo team be able to repeat the charisma of 19 years ago?

Why was Australia successful in 2004? Many stories related to him are famous. Which Australian players have shared in their biography and different interviews. 19 years ago, Australia had hit the last ground in Nagpur itself and this time the Test series is going to start from there itself. However, this time the match will be held at the newly built Jamtha Stadium of Vidarbha Cricket Association. Whereas in 2004 the match was played at the old stadium.

Australia started the 2004 tour of India with a bang. He won the first Test in Bangalore. The second Test in Chennai was a draw due to rain. The third Test was to be played in Nagpur. If Australia had won here, the series would have been in their grasp. However, before the final frontier victory, the entire Australia team was scared.

It so happened that the Australian team from Chennai had reached Nagpur in the night to play Test. All the players were very tired. So after reaching the hotel, everyone first broke down on eating. Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Michael Kasprowicz order Mutton Rogan Josh. At the same time, the trio of Matthew Hayden, Damian Martyn and Justin Langer decided to operate from Fried Rice only.

Cockroach was found in the food of Australia team
The plate of Australian players was decorated. Now even a morsel had not descended from Langer’s throat that he heard the sound of potting and shouting of other players. Actually, Ponting had seen a cockroach coming out of Rogan Josh. Seeing cockroaches coming out of the food was probably not enough to scare them. Because after what they saw, half of the players started feeling the same way in their stomachs. In fact, the waiter took the cockroach out of Rogan Josh’s throat in one stroke and the Australian players kept watching.

After this the Australian team canceled their order and all went to sleep in the hotel room. But, this frightening moment had no effect on the performance of the Australian players on the field. Australia won the Test by 342 runs and won the series. Justin Langer mentioned this story in his diary Australia You Little Beauty.

Well this is a joke. Because there is no direct connection between food and victory. This means, Australia must have done something special on the 2004 tour, which crossed the final frontier. Then why the Kangaroo team was successful. Let’s know.

How did Australia win the final frontier in 2004?

Australians started preparing for the 2004 tour of India only after 2001. In 2001, he was badly washed by India in his home. Then the coach was John Buchanan. He started working on the strategy for the 2004 series as soon as he returned from the 2001 tour. There was more emphasis on other things than cricket. A yoga teacher was hired for the team. The chef was given clear instructions to prepare food according to each player. The result is known to everyone, Australia was successful in winning the series.

Australia’s success plan was made in flight
If we say that the plan for Australia’s success in the 2004 tour of India was made in a flight from Sydney to Bangalore. So hardly anyone will believe. But this is the reality, and its architect was not Jason Gillespie or Glenn McGrath, but Michael Kasprowicz. He revealed this in a conversation with Fox Sports after the series win.

Actually, Australia bowled stump to stump line instead of short ball, taking a lesson from the defeat in 2001 on that tour. That is, the planning of the Australian bowlers was clear that they should not allow the Indian batsmen to score runs. Hold them tight and encourage them to make mistakes.

Here the well, there the ditch, India became more troubled than Australia, the series rested on a decision

Big mistake of the player who hit 6 sixes in 6 balls, India lost the match! the chain slipped out of hand

Australia learned a lesson from the mistake of 2001
Fielding was also set accordingly in the entire series. This tactic of Australia worked in the first Test of the series in Bangalore. 11 Indian batsmen were out either bowled or LBW or caught behind the wicket. The second Test in Chennai was washed away in the rain. Got a green top wicket in Nagpur and 16 out of 20 wickets were taken by the trio of Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillespie and Michael Kasprowicz, so 19 years ago Australia won the final frontier. Now the question is whether Pat Cummins’s Australian team will be able to repeat this charisma of 19 years ago.

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