Kapil Dev bold statement Does he want Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul should not be the part of T20 Indian team – Kapil Dev’s ‘bold’ statement

Captain Kapil Dev, who made India the world champion for the first time under his captaincy in 1983, has said something about Team India’s captain Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, which hardly anyone would have expected. Kapil Dev said in a gesture that if these three players do not work on their strike rate in the T20 format, then new players should be thought of replacing them. While Virat and Rohit could not bat as expected during the recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL), KL Rahul was criticized for his slow batting.

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When Kapil Dev was asked about the strike rate of these three on Uncut’s YouTube channel, he said, ‘They all have a big name and its pressure is also on these three, which should not happen. You should play cricket fearlessly. All three are players who can score runs at a strike rate of 150-160. When we need him to score big, he gets out.

He further said, ‘When there is a need to accelerate the innings, then he gets out and this puts pressure on the batsman coming. You either play as an anchor or as a striker. When you talk about KL Rahul, the team management has to talk to him that if he stays for 20 overs then scores 80-90 runs, if he stays for 20 overs and scores 60 runs, then you are not doing justice to the team. .’

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Kapil Dev said, ‘I think there is a need to change the approach and if it does not happen, then you need to change the player. Big player means making a big impact, you can’t stay in the team by being a big name, you have to perform big to be in the team.

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