kapil dev not run out in his entire test career ond day world cup hero indian team pakistan graeme hick india | This Indian batsman did not RUN OUT in his career, the opposing teams will tremble after hearing the name

new Delhi: The batsmen of all the teams want to play big innings. Some get runs with their quick batting, while some batsmen are known for running very brilliantly between the wickets. India has given very stormy batsmen to the whole world. There are some batsmen who have not been run out in their entire career. Today we will talk about such a strong Indian player who has not been run out during his entire career. The opposing teams used to tremble with this dashing batsman.

This Indian legend never got out

Kapil Dev, who took cricket to new heights in India, has never been run out in his entire Test career. Kapil Dev, this name will always remain in the mind of Indian fans. Under the captaincy of Kapil Dev, Team India won the first ODI World Cup in 1983 by defeating the West Indies team. Kapil Dev played an inning of 175 runs against Zimbabwe. Kapil Dev was always known for his fierce batting and killer bowling. He used to run very fast between the wickets, but this legendary batsman was never run out.

Kapil Dev’s career was great

Kapil Dev has been one of the great players of India. Because of him cricket became so popular in India. Kapil Dev made his Test debut for India in 1978 against Pakistan. He has taken 5248 runs and 434 wickets in 131 test matches for India. At the same time, Kapil Dev has taken more than 3000 runs and 253 wickets in ODI cricket. Even he was such a dangerous bowler that the opposing teams used to fear him. Kapil Dev did not bowl a single no ball in his career spanning 16 years from 1978 to 1994.

This giant is also included in the list

Kapil Dev has never been run out in his entire career, but apart from him, there are four batsmen who have never been run out in their career. These include former England captain Peter Mein, Graeme Hick, who was born in Zimbabwe and played cricket for England, Mudassar Nazar of Pakistan, from England (England). The name of Paul Collingwood, who plays in all three formats, is included.

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