Kapil Dev was very scared of S Venkataraghavan, interesting story of world champion captain


Kapil Dev himself told the reason for his fear
Hand was tight in English, hunger was more

New Delhi. A person who grew up in the middle of a steep speech, who had to ‘duck’ in front of English for many years. Batters from all over the world used to be afraid of this player’s swing, but this sir used to be afraid of his own spinner. The fear is such that as soon as it is faced, the ghee gets tied. Whatever corner-pillar was found, there would have been a chance to hide behind it. It was talked about when Kapil Dev had newly joined the Indian team.

According to Kapil Dev, when he went to England in 1979, veteran spinner S Venkataraghavan was the captain of the team. I was very scared of him and would look for a place where he could not see me. The first reason for fear was that he spoke in English. The second reason was his anger, which we all were aware of. Please tell that when Kapil Dev made his debut for India, Venkataraghavan was in the last days of his career.

‘Only eats, does not play’
Kapil Dev told in an interview that at that time Bishan Singh Bedi, Erapalli Prasanna, BS Chandrasekhar were in our team. We new boys could not talk much to the seniors. Whenever seniors used to look for a scapegoat, they all used to see my face.

Tiger-like cricketer had to resort to crutches, tied the feet of his opponents when he returned

India lost not one but 9 finals to Australia, how will win in WTC Final, will the dream break again in England?

Kapil Dev told, I could not eat anything in front of Venkataraghavan. I used to eat in a corner so that he could not see me. Actually, at that time my diet was more. Venkataraghavan used to say, Kapil eats all the time and does not play. After some time, Kapil’s fear towards Venkataraghavan ended and their relationship improved. According to Kapil, at the time of umpiring, Venkataraghavan used to give not out as if he was scolding the bowler.

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