Kashmir teacher spent 11 years and 16 lakh rupees to make solar car, watch video

A person from Kashmir has converted a car into a solar powered car. After this feat, this person is being praised a lot on social media. A teacher by profession, former Chief Minister of Kashmir Omar Abdullah himself praised this person. The name of this person is Bilal Ahmed, who spent 11 years of hard work and 16 lakh rupees to make such a car, which is charged through solar panels. Photos and videos of the car are becoming very viral on social media these days.

Basit Zargar, a photojournalist from Kashmir shared some pictures and a video of the solar powered modified electric car on his Twitter handle (@basitzargar). This car has been prepared by a teacher named Bilal Ahmed, who is also an engineer by profession. The complete design of the car is seen in the pictures and videos.

In this car, huge solar panels have been installed everywhere on the bonnet, boot door, and roof, through which the battery pack installed in the car is charged. Even then, however, what will catch your attention are the doors, as there are two gull-wing style doors that open upwards. It is a two-door, four-seater car. At present, the information about the powertrain of this car has not been shared.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah also tweeted about the teacher’s achievement and wrote, (translated) “#BackToTheFuture [की] Solar car with #DeLorean style doors. Looks very attractive.”

NDTV’s according toBilal also wanted to make a luxury car for the disabled, but due to financial problems, he could not do so. After this he thought of making this solar powered car. Bilal has studied engineering and he worked hard for 11 years to make this car. Certainly this car is also suited to the climate of Kashmir. Being electric, it doesn’t make noise either, so it won’t cause noise pollution either.

Ahmed started modifying this car after watching several videos and added new features. He said “Initially, I planned to make a car for the disabled, but due to some financial issues, I could not pursue this project.” Reports say that Bilal has spent Rs 16 lakh to make this car. According to the information, this car can also be driven by remote control.

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