Kia sold 43% more cars in October 2022, retained in the top 5 list

Kia India has got a huge increase in sales in October. The company has released the sales numbers of the last month in which the company has claimed 43% more sales. That is, compared to the vehicles sold in October in 2021, the company has sold 43% more in October this year. Not only this, the company has also crossed the sales mark of 2 lakh units since the beginning of this year.

Kia India Giving information about the sales in October 2022, has told that the company sold 43% more than last year. The company sold 23,323 units in October as against 16,331 units during the same period last year. This includes domestic as well as export sales. Talking about the total vehicle units sold in this year, the company has sold 2 lakh vehicles from January to October. In 2021 this figure was 181,583. The company’s Vice President and Sales Head Hardeep Singh Brar said that the demand for Kia products in the market has increased a lot, it is certainly an encouraging thing for the brand. This shows that the company’s strategy has been right from the beginning.

Stating further, Hardeep Singh Brar said that there is still two months left for the end of 2022, and we are confident that we will take this figure even further in the remaining time. The company sold 9777 units of the Kia Seltos while the Sonnet and the Carens sold 7,614 and 5,479 units respectively. Kia currently remains in the list of top 5 car maker companies in India.

The company reported that Kia EV6 That it sold 152 units in October. This electric car comes in the country’s popular luxury cars. According to the company, EV6 has received a very good response from the market. Kia holds its own in the luxury space as well. Last year also the company had registered a year on year growth of 35%. Talking about supplies abroad, the company has already exported 1.5 lakh units from its Anantapur plant in Andhra Pradesh. It exports vehicles to 95 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South America including Mexico and Asia Pacific.

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