King of swing, mosquito broke the dream of playing ODI World Cup, Team India bowler’s career ended in depression


The fast bowler had made a big name in a short time
Team India had special hopes from the bowler in the World Cup

New Delhi. A bowler who has the ability to swing the ball on both sides of the wicket. Which forced the batsmen to kneel not only on domestic but also on foreign pitches. Within a few years, the one who raised his name in world cricket, himself broke in front of a mosquito. His dream of playing in the World Cup being held in his own country was shattered. This unlucky player of Team India is none other than Praveen Kumar aka PK, who was awarded the title of King of Swing by the world.

In 2007, Praveen Kumar made his international debut against Pakistan. PK was being groomed as the perfect weapon for the 2011 ODI World Cup. Career was at its peak and PK had made strides towards becoming an established bowler for a long time. But all the hopes and dreams of Praveen Kumar came to an end in a jiffy.

When PK went to play the T20 series in South Africa, he suffered a minor elbow injury. The condition was normal. PK got dengue soon after being selected in the 2011 World Cup team. After this the elbow injury also became serious. In such a situation, it became impossible for him to even throw two balls. Disappointed, PK had to withdraw his name from the World Cup team.

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If you fail to return…
When Team India won the World Cup on their own land, the pain of not being a part of it went home in Praveen Kumar. After some time, the right-arm bowler was expected to return, but by then new saplings of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav and Jaspreet Bumrah had taken root. Praveen Kumar took retirement in 2018 with a broken heart after failing to make a comeback in the team. Amidst all this, from 2012 to 2017, he was badly depressed. The situation became so bad that one night Praveen Kumar came out of the house with a revolver and even had the intention of ending everything by shooting himself on the highway.

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