KKR’s star batsman fooled his wife, pretended to be a match, did this work overnight in Goa


Kolkata Knight Riders batter had a strange wish
Wife did not give permission to do this work

New Delhi. In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) star batsman Nitish Rana shares a very loving bond with his wife and interior designer Saachi Marwah. Both share even the smallest things with each other. However, once Nitish had to lie to Sanchi as she was not allowing him to do a task.

Actually, Nitish Rana wanted to go to the casino. He wanted to know what happens inside the casino. Nitish used to think that the world inside the casino is like a dream. There is also excellent food available for free. Nitish wanted to experience all these things. To avoid Sanchi’s anger and to fulfill his wish, Nitish adopted a trick.

Sanchi did not get a clue
Nitish Rana mentioned this incident in the presence of Sanchi Marwah in a TV show. Nitish was asked when was the last time he fooled his wife? On this Nitish said, I had gone to Goa once. I wanted to go to the casino. I neither gamble nor drink, but I wanted to go inside the casino. Sanchi refused to do so, but I wanted to know what happens inside the casino, how it looks.

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Nitish told that he had heard the type of free dinner in the casino, you can eat anything. Then I lied to Sanchi on the phone that I am going to sleep, we will talk tomorrow. I told him that tomorrow morning I have to get up early. I have a match and before that I have to train. Sanchi thought I was asleep and did not disturb me. Nitish Rana told that he stayed in the casino that whole night and left after 5:30 in the morning.

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