Kohli is a talented player, he has more than 70 international centuries, but who is the best according to Sachin… Ponting?


It was difficult to play with the old ball in Sachin’s time
Virat started playing in the last phase of Sachin’s career

New Delhi. Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, terming Sachin Tendulkar as technically the best batsman, said that he had an answer to every challenge faced by the bowlers. Ponting said that it would be right to compare Virat Kohli with Tendulkar only after his international career is over.

In ‘ICC Review’ on Sachin Tendulkar’s 50th birthday, Ponting said, ‘I have said before that in terms of technique, Sachin is the best batsman I have seen or played with or against. Whatever strategy we used to make as a bowling unit, he had an answer to it. Be it in India or Australia. Ranking or assessing players is difficult because everyone plays differently. But in the era I played in, Sachin was technically the best.

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‘Batting has become easier now’
Regarding the comparison of Tendulkar and Kohli, Ponting said that Virat started playing in the last phase of Sachin’s career but now the game is different. There are different rules, for example, in 50-over cricket, there are fewer fielders outside the circle, two new balls are taken, and now batting has become easier than before. The Australian legend said that in Tendulkar’s era it was very difficult to play the old ball as it got reverse swing.

‘Then in ODIs the shape of the ball would change after 50 overs’
According to Ponting, ‘When Sachin used to play ODIs, the shape of the ball changed after 50 overs. He used to get reverse swing which is not seen today. Virat is a very talented player. He has more than 70 international centuries to his name. Sachin has scored hundred centuries. After the end of Virat’s career, it would be right to compare the two. I assess the ability of the player on the basis of how many years he could play. This is the right approach because it is not easy to play well consistently over such a long period of time. Some players come and look like the best players in the world for three-four years but it is difficult to last long and Sachin has played consistently well for more than twenty years.

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