‘Kohli is badly cooked, give him a break’, Ravi Shastri worries about Virat

New Delhi. When will Virat Kohli score a century, this question has become old now. Now the fans have longed for a good innings of his. Even after leaving the captaincy of Royal Challengers Bangalore in Team India and IPL, he has not been able to perform according to his stature as a batsman. Kohli got a golden duck in the last match against Lucknow Super Giants. That is, on the very first ball, the pavilion returned without opening the account. Due to this, the former head of Team India, Ravi Shastri is upset. He has advised Kohli to take a break from cricket. Shastri says that amidst the restrictions related to bio-bubble, we should take care of the players along with taking care of them.

Ravi Shastri said about Virat Kohli that there is still 6-7 years of cricket left in the former Indian captain and Team India should ensure that they do not put too much emphasis on Kohli to play cricket. Especially at a time when the fatigue associated with Bio-Bubble remains a cause for concern.

Shastri said in a conversation with Star Sports, “It started for the first time when I was the coach. Then I said that there should be sympathy with the players. If you insist, there is a very small difference between a player doing well and giving up. That’s why you have to show understanding while taking decisions.”

Kohli should get a break: Shastri
Talking about Kohli, the former head coach of Team India said, “I talk directly about the main player. Virat Kohli is badly cooked. If anyone needs a break at this point of time, it is Kohli. Whether it is 2 months or one and a half months, whether before or after the tour of England, but they should be given rest. That’s because Kohli still has 6-7 years of cricket left in him and no one would want us to lose him in the current situation. He is not the only one who is going through this phase. At this time there will be one or two more players in world cricket who are going through this. You will face problem.

Kohli’s bat silent in IPL 2022
Before IPL 2022, Kohli left the captaincy of RCB. Then everyone had expressed the hope that he would perform brilliantly as a batsman. But in this season he has scored only 119 runs in 7 matches at an average of 19.83.

Pietersen also agrees with Shastri’s advice
Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has also agreed with Ravi Shastri’s statement regarding Kohli. He said that Kohli should work on improving his batting by keeping his distance from social media. Pietersen said that the Indian cricket team should decide that when Kohli returns from the break, his place remains in the team.

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He said, “It is 100% correct Ravi. Apart from marriage, children, players also have to bear a lot about their personal life. He is the biggest player right now. Kohli should now tell himself that I will now meet cricket after 6 months. When the spectators return to the stadium at full capacity again, you should promise them a place in the team for the next 12, 24 or 36 months.”

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