Kohlis former teammate opened the secret Virat used to eat mutton-rice the craze for food was such that it could have gone many kilometers

Former cricketers who played with Virat Kohli before his 100th Test match have shared old memories related to him. With his debut against Sri Lanka, Kohli will become the 12th Indian player to play 100 Test matches for India. The cricket world has congratulated him for this achievement. The names of spinner Iqbal Abdullah and fast bowler Pradeep Sangwan have also been added to this list. Both of them have brought back memories of Kohli’s old days.

In a conversation with The Indian Express, Sangwan revealed how Kohli used to be a foodie in his early career. His passion for junk food is well known, but Kohli’s determination is equally well known, which transformed him from a fast-food craze to one of the fittest athletes in the world.

Sangwan said, “I know how much he was a foodie. He used to eat a lot. Mutton-rice, everything. He could walk kilometers to eat at different places; the only thing that mattered was the taste. used to keep it.”

“In 2010 when he came to play for the Delhi Ranji team, everything was different. He was eating boiled food. He didn’t drink more than 200 ml at a time. Replace rice-mutton curry with diet food. I was surprised how much he has transformed himself. I used to meet him during IPL and he never misses his fitness session. Most of the time, I saw him working out in the gym. His focus is on all of us. Was ahead. Often cricketers get lazy and celebrate ‘cheat day’ but Virat will never do that.”

Left-arm spinner Abdullah recalled an incident from the 2008 World Cup, when a decision by Kohli backfired and angered the former India captain. But it was only because Kohli has always been more emotionally attached to the game.

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As captain, Kohli was so involved in the game of the World Cup that he forgot that he had changed my fielding position. I was at deep midwicket and when the batsman hit the ball at square-leg, he sent me there to field. Soon, the ball went over midwicket, and Kohli lost his cool. We still laugh about it.”

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