Kuldeep Sen: Proud of my son, but will continue to run the salon, read the story of cricketer Kuldeep Sen’s father

Report: Ashutosh Tiwari

Reva. Every citizen of Rewa is proud of ‘Kuldeep Sen’. Actually Kuldeep of Rewa is famous as ‘Rewanchal Express’ because of his stormy bowling. The BCCI selected him in the ODI series against New Zealand, but he could not make his debut. Now once again he has been included in Team India for the tour of Bangladesh. However, his father, who contributed significantly to Kuldeep’s success, is still running his ancestral barber shop.

Certainly, the amount that Indian fast bowler Kuldeep gets for a match, his father is not able to earn that much even in a year. While Kuldeep’s father Rampal Sen, who nurtured in the midst of struggles, has not given up his ancestral work even today. He still runs a salon. Rampal Sen says that how can he leave the shop which brought his family to this level. Also said that he is proud of his son. Kuldeep is determined for his goal. His goal is to play for Team India. Kuldeep has struggled a lot in his life.

No matter how high the level gets, I’ll keep running the salon
Kuldeep’s father told that the salon shop is his ancestral business. May he (Kuldeep) progress a lot in life and bring laurels. Also said that no matter how high the level of Kuldeep becomes, but I have to walk on my own level and run the salon shop only. Please tell that Rampal Sen has a shop in Rewa by the name of Fine Hair Cutting Salon.

Made a place in the team by playing consistently well
Kuldeep has not got this success in a day or two, but for this he has proved himself for a long time. While Kuldeep showed his mettle in domestic matches, he took many wickets in IPL matches. On the basis of this, Kuldeep has got a place in the Indian team. Please tell that Kuldeep Sen was born in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh and he is called the pride of Rewa. Kuldeep can bowl at a stormy speed of 140 KMPH. Kuldeep got a place in Team India for the first time in the three ODI series against New Zealand. Now he has been selected for Bangladesh. While Revanchal Express made his first class debut in the year 2018 through Ranji Trophy match.

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