Leave the cursed franchise, join GT…, fans give advice on Virat Kohli’s philosophical tweet

New Delhi. Despite being adorned with talented players, the Royal Challengers Bangalore team has not yet become the IPL champion. RCB has reached the finals of the tournament three times so far but winning the title has been a dream for them. Entering the tournament with the dream of becoming the champion every time and returning disappointed, as if it has become the nature of Virat Kohli’s team. The players of this team have made a flurry of personal records in the tournament and the current season is no exception to this, but due to lack of overall performance, the team falters on most of the occasions even after reaching close to the path of victory.

Even in IPL-2023 (IPL-2023), RCB’s path to the playoffs is getting difficult with every passing match. The team has 10 points in 11 matches with 5 wins and is in seventh place on the basis of net runrate. In the middle of RCB’s path to the playoffs, the team’s leading batsman and former captain Virat Kohli tweeted in a philosophical manner. So in response interesting reactions and suggestions of the fans came out.

Competition is just a matter of mind

Virat wrote in the tweet – Competition is only a matter of mind, in reality it is a competition with yourself (The competition is all in your head. In reality it’s always you vs you). Reacting to this tweet, a fan gave such advice that people could not stop laughing. It wrote, ‘Brother, leave loyalty (from RCB) and come to GT (Gujarat Titans). Safe environment and good coaches. The biggest stadium which means – the loud voices of Kohli-Kohli. Leave this damned franchise. Enjoying mental health and sports is better than loyalty. Loyalty even in 2023 will not give you happiness..move on.’ A fan wrote – Everyone thinks there is a problem with RCB, once you also try changing the franchise. Take.’

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