Left exam to become RR’s net bowler, ‘war’ in World Cup, will now make LSG champion


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New Delhi. Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi revealed that he had skipped the board exams to become a net bowler for an IPL team. Government teacher’s father did not approve of this act of his son. Ravi also told that after the 2020 Under-19 World Cup final, he has completely stopped sledding.

Ravi Bishnoi said in the podcast of Lucknow Super Giants, I was in 12th class at the time of IPL 2018. To continue being a net bowler for Rajasthan Royals, I decided to skip the board exams. Ravi said, it was very difficult for my father, who is a government teacher, when I decided to give more importance to cricket than studies. At that time my father strictly asked me to come back, but the coach told me that I have to stay here. In such a situation, I decided to leave the board exam and completed it the next year. Ravi Bishnoi said, at the age of 10 I joined the cricket academy and at the age of 15 I decided to leave my studies because I was not getting time from cricket. It was very difficult to explain to the family members. My coach asked my father to let me continue playing cricket because of my talent.

Had a fight with Bangladesh players
In the final of the 2020 Under-19 World Cup, Bangladesh won the title by defeating India by 3 wickets. After the match, there was a fierce fight between the players of both the teams.

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Referring to that incident, Ravi Bishnoi said, Bangladesh players were sledging our batter a lot in the final. He crossed the border many times. We also answered them when it was our turn. After the victory, Bangladesh players started making fun of us in our faces. At that time, in the heat of the moment, I also said some such things which I should not have said. I never sled anyone after that final. Ravi Bishnoi was the highest wicket taker in the tournament. Ravi has played 37 matches in IPL so far, in which he has registered 37 wickets. He has also played 10 T20 International matches for India.

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