Legendary wrestler has defeated John Cena the most times in WWE, no one could do this before, who is this superstar?

WWE: John Cena is undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers in the wrestling world. There is hardly any legendary wrestler who has not been defeated by John Cena. Cena has defeated big legends like Big Show, Kane, Triple H. But do you know that a wrestler has defeated John Cena 3 times. No wrestler has been able to do this before. John Cena is known for not tapping out in the ring. Let’s know about the wrestler who has defeated John 3 times.


There are millions of fans of John Cena all over the world. When John Cena enters the ring, there is hardly any fan who is not happy with his arrival. Pic Credit- WWE


John Cena had to face defeat from only one wrestler 3 times. This is a bit surprising. Because John Cena is not known for giving up quickly in the ring. Pic Credit- WWE


This superstar who defeated John Cena 3 times is none other than Edge. Yes, Edge has defeated John Cena 3 times. Pic Credit- WWE


The two first met when Edge won the WWE Championship from John Cena at the 2006 New Year Revolution using the Money in the Bank contract. Pic Credit- WWE


For the second time, Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating John Cena in the 2009 No Way Out program. It was an Elimination Chamber match. Pic Credit- WWE


For the third time, Edge defeated John Cena once again in the same year in 2009. Edge won the title at Backlash 2009 by defeating John Cena. In that match, Big Show suddenly came and beat John Cena. Due to which John Cena was badly injured. And he could not get up till the referee counted 10. During this, the referee gave the victory to Edge. Pic Credit- WWE

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