Legends league cricket Mohammad Kaif takes a dangerous catch in the air watch video

New Delhi. The second match of Legends League cricket tournament was played between World Giants Maharaja of India. In this match, World Giants, batting first, scored 166 runs in 20 overs at the loss of 8 wickets. In this match, Mohammad Kaif of the India Maharaja team jumped in the air and took a spectacular catch. This catch of Mohammad Kaif is being discussed fiercely on social media. The reason for this is that Kaif is 42 years old and even at this age his fielding is amazing.

Mohammad Kaif caught World Legends batsman and former Ireland batsman Kevin O’Brien in the air by diving. Mohammad Kaif has also shared the video of his catch on his official Instagram account, which is being liked by the fans. Fans are commenting fiercely on this video of Kaif and are praising him a lot.

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While sharing this video of his catch, Mohammad Kaif has given the caption- ‘Caught with both hands… Time has passed, not emotion. Your inside is the same Kaif #At42’ Please tell that Mohammad Kaif is 42 years old and he played his last match for India in 2006. He played the last IPL match in 2012. Kaif has been playing first class cricket till 2017. Last year Kaif played Legends League Cricket and this year also he is a part of this tournament.

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