Leslie hylton the only international cricketer hanged for murder west indies

New Delhi. Controversies keep happening on the cricket field. Many times there has also been a clash between the players. But if a player commits murder and he is also hanged. Such cases are rarely seen and heard. This has happened and the cricketer who played international cricket did this. We are talking about former West Indies cricketer Leslie Hilton. The end of the life of this all-rounder who struggled since childhood was also sad. This Jamaican cricketer was hanged at the age of 50 and he was accused of murdering his wife. He got angry and shot 7 bullets at his wife.

Leslie Hilton was born in Jamaica in May 1905. Who was his father, he remained unaware of it all his life. His mother also passed away at the age of 3. The sister brought him up. But when he was 14-15 years old, his sister also died. In such a situation, Hilton had to suffer a lot from the beginning in life. His aunt brought him up. But after his death, his studies also stopped.

started working at taylor
After this Leslie Hilton started working at the tailor’s place. Then did wages in other places as well. During this, a local club recognized his talent and he entered cricket. Apart from batting, he also used to bowl fast. He made his Test debut in 1935 against England. He scored 70 runs in 6 Tests. Apart from this, he also took 16 wickets. 4 wickets for 27 runs was the best performance.

fell in love with the policeman’s daughter
Leslie Hilton fell in love with Lurlyn Rose, the daughter of a policeman, during the game. Raj’s father was an inspector in Jamaica. Both married in 1942. He also had a son. But gradually things started going bad and in 1954 the matter got worse. For business work, Lurlin used to go to New York often everyday. During this, Hilton received an anonymous letter. In which it was written that his wife had an illicit relationship with someone. This shook Hilton to the core. However, after Rose’s refusal, the matter cooled down a bit.

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But something else was written in Leslie Hilton’s life. A few days later, he received the letters that his wife, Lerlin Rose, had sent to Francis. There was talk of his affair with Francis only. After this he got angry and shot Raj. That too not one but 7. On 17 May 1955, this cricketer was hanged. In this way, Hilton said goodbye to the world with a big controversy.

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