Lightyear 0, world’s first solar powered car with 695KM range, top speed 160KM

Lightyear, a Dutch electric vehicle startup company, has developed an electric car that can run on batteries as well as be charged through solar panels. The company has named this electric car Lightyear 0. At present, more emphasis is being laid on manufacturing electric vehicles instead of natural fuel all over the world. In every country including India, new experiments are being done regarding electric vehicles. Let us know in detail about the range from the features and specifications of this electric car.

Let us tell you that according to the company, it has taken 6 years to make this electric car. This electric car has been introduced to the world on 9 June 2022 by the company. The company has made this car capable of providing more range using solar panel technology, due to which it also becomes more economical. If this electric car is parked in the sun, then it can be driven up to 35 km, because the battery will be charged from its solar panel when the car is parked in the sun.

Launch Date & Availability

Talking about booking, the company will start pre-booking of this electric car by the end of this year. This electric car is expected to be launched in early 2023. At the same time, the delivery of this electric car will also start only then.

Lightyear 0’s power and specifications

Talking about power and specifications, then talking about the battery power of Lightyear 0 electric car, a powerful battery with 60 kWh capacity has been given in it. The battery of this electric car generates power of 174 HP. Talking about the range, it is being claimed that this electric car can cover a distance of 625KM once fully charged. Talking about the speed, the top speed of this electric is 160KM per hour. At the same time, to increase the range in this electric car, a solar panel has been given on the roof, which increases the range by 70KM. On the other hand, if we talk about battery pack and solar panel, then the range of this electric car goes up to 695KM.

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