LinkedIn users cross 100 million in India! The platform’s second largest market after America

Microsoft’s professional networking platform LinkedIn has crossed 100 million users in India. The platform has said this in its report. After crossing this number, India has now become the second largest market for LinkedIn users after the US. That is, after America, India is the second country in the world where Linkedin has the maximum number of users.

professional networking site Linkedin has recently workplace learning report has been introduced. In this report presented for 2023, the company has told that its users in India have crossed 100 million and now India has become the second largest market in the world for this platform. Most of the users of Linkedin are in America and it comes in the first place. The company’s membership in India has grown by 56% in the last three years. You must be wondering which sector has the maximum number of members on Linkedin in India.

The company has said that India has the highest number of IT professionals registered on LinkedIn. That is, the network of software and information technology is the largest in India on this platform. Then comes manufacturing, corporate services, which include consulting, accounting and human resources. After corporate comes the number of sectors like financial services and academic services. The company said recruiters in India use LinkedIn’s skills data on the platform, which is higher than its world average of 45%.

Professionals in India are spending more time on LinkedIn than in the US. IANS’s Report According to a report, professionals in India will spend 4.6 million hours in 2022 learning skills on Linkedin. This is double the time spent on the platform by professionals in the US. According to the platform, in the current recessionary situation, it would be more beneficial to learn new skills as per the demands of the career to make yourself more employable. Where tech companies are announcing layoffs around the world, people Job You can ensure a secure future for yourself by learning new skills that are in demand.

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