Longest Over In One Day and Test Cricket Mohammad Sami Curtly Ambrose Cricket Records | Longest Over: This deadly fast bowler had bowled 17 balls in 1 over, had made this embarrassing world record

Longest Over In Cricket: In any format of cricket, the bowler bowls 6 legal balls in an over. During these 6 balls, if any ball becomes wide or no ball, then the bowler will have to bowl that ball again. But do you know, a fast bowler bowled 17 balls to complete his over. Let us tell you which bowler made this shameful record.

longest over of ODI cricket

This incident happened in the match played between Pakistan and Bangladesh (PAK vs BAN) in the year 2004. This shameful record is recorded in the name of Pakistan bowler Mohammad Sami. He bowled 17 balls in one over of Asia Cup 2004 in Colombo. Shami then bowled 7 wide balls and 4 no balls with 6 legal in an over. Even today it is recorded as the longest over in ODI cricket. He gave a total of 22 runs in this over.

longest over of test cricket

Curtly Ambrose is counted among the most dangerous fast bowlers in the history of cricket. But he bowled the worst over of Test cricket. In the Perth Test in 1997, Curtly Ambrose bowled the longest over of Test matches. He bowled a total of 15 balls including 9 no balls in the over.

record for most balls thrown

If we talk about the record of bowling the most balls in an over so far, then Robert Vance of New Zealand has an embarrassing record of bowling the biggest over in the history of cricket, he scored 22 in an over during a home Test match. The ball was thrown.

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