Mahakumbh of sports in Rajasthan: 30 lakh players will enter the field, matches will start from August 29


Sports competitions will be held at four levels in Khel Mahakumbh
Biggest ever sports event in Rajasthan

Jaipur. About 30 lakh players will participate in the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Games in Rajasthan. Registrations have been completed for this Mahakumbh of sports going to start from August 29 in Rajasthan. For this, a budget of about forty crore rupees has been fixed. Out of this, now the budget will also be given to the education department. Preparations for these games are now in their final stages. About twenty lakh players in the men’s category and one million players in the women’s category will participate in the competition.

Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympics is finally going to happen in Rajasthan after a long wait. For the purpose of discovering sports talents at the village level, these games will be organized at the Gram Panchayat, Block, District and State level on the lines of State Games. Gram Panchayat level sports competitions will start from 29th August. This will last for four days. After this, block level sports competitions will be held from September 12 for four days.

Maximum 11 lakh applications have come in Kabaddi

from your city (Jaipur)

Competitions will be held at the district level from 22nd September for 3 days. After that there will be competitions at the state level. This too will last for four days. These will start from 2 October. Six sports namely Kabaddi, Shooting Ball, Tennis Ball Cricket, Volley ball, Hockey and Kho-Khoko have been included in this event. In this, maximum 11 lakh applications have come in Kabaddi.

Formation of organizing committees completed

This Mahakumbh of sports will start on 29th August. Preparations for this are now being done in the final stage. The preparations are going on continuously in various meetings of the Sports Council. Sports Council President Krishna Poonia says that for the first time the preparations of the council for the historic rural games are now going on in the final stage. For these events to be held at 11 thousand 341 panchayat and 352 block level, organizing committees have been formed from village level to block level.

Sarpanch and SDM will be the coordinator

Sarpanch will be the convenor of this committee at Panchayat level. While at the block level, the Sub-Divisional Officer will be the coordinator of the committee. Ten crore 38 lakh rupees for gram panchayats and seven crore rupees for block level budget has been fixed. In this, from the organization of the competition to the arrangement of the food of the players at the block level, there will also be the responsibility.

Cooperation of all departments is being taken

There will be one set of games at the Panchayat level and three sets of games at the block level. The sports council president says that the sports department will provide the budget for these games to the education department so that competitions can be organized at the village and block level. For this, full cooperation of all the departments is being taken.

Trying to create a better environment for sports in Rajasthan

However, on this budget announcement of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, from the Sports Department to the Council, they have kept their full focus. Every effort is being made to leave no stone unturned in the biggest sports event of its kind in the state. With this sports event, an attempt is being made to create a better environment for sports in the state. However, at present no provision has been made to give any benefit to the players through its certificate.

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