Maharashtra Businessman Wins rs 5 Crore While Gambling Online Then Loses 58 Crore Nagpur incident details

Online betting has become so expensive for a businessman that everyone will be shocked to hear about it. Nagpur businessman won a huge amount of Rs 5 crore in the first gamble. But it turned out to be a hook thrown to the fish. After winning 5 crores, the businessman had to lose 58 crores. When he lodged a complaint with the police, the police tried to nab one of the suspects, but he had already fled.

Nagpur 58 crores in businessman Online Lost in gambling. NDTV According to , after being cheated, the businessman lodged a complaint against Anant alias Sontu Navratna Jain. Sontu’s residence was said to be in Gonda city, 160 km from Nagpur. But he escaped from there before the police raid and fled to Dubai. Police recovered Rs 14 crore, 4 kg gold biscuits from the spot.

Prima facie, Jain lured the victim to try his hand at online gambling. Initially, the victim was nervous but gradually he got tricked by the accused and he transferred Rs 8 lakh to Jain’s account. Jain told the merchant WhatsApp Sent a link and asked to open an online gambling account by visiting it. The businessman saw Rs 8 lakh in his account and started gambling.

Initially the businessman started winning in gambling, but after winning Rs 5 crore, he lost Rs 58 crore in gambling. When the merchant suspected of cheating, he wanted to ask for his money back, but Jain refused. After that the businessman lodged a complaint with the cyber police. A case of fraud was registered under the Indian Penal Code. Jain’s house was raided and the police found Rs 14 crore in cash and 4 kg gold biscuits from there. The accused had absconded.

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