Mahendra Singh Dhoni also used to get angry on the field, told himself – how did he make himself ‘Captain Cool’?


Mahendra Singh Dhoni made a big disclosure about himself
He told how did you control anger on the field?

New Delhi. Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is counted among the best captains in the world. Under his leadership, India has won both the ODI and T20 World Cups. Whatever the situation on the field, whether the team won or lost, Dhoni’s style always remained the same. He was often quiet on the field. For this reason he also got the name ‘Captain Cool’. There will be such incidents of counting, when Dhoni has ever shown anger on the field. Everyone was convinced of his style, but everyone used to think that how does Dhoni keep himself calm even under so much pressure? Now Dhoni himself has disclosed this. He has told how he used to control himself and did not get angry quickly on the field.

Dhoni said that he also used to get angry towards any person. But, he was able to control his emotions. Dhoni made a disclosure related to controlling his anger by asking questions to people in an event itself. Dhoni asked people that who among you thinks that your boss is cool. In response to this question, some people raised their hands. On this Dhoni quipped, ‘Either you guys want to increase your points in the eyes of the boss or you are the boss yourself.’

I used to try to find out the reason: Dhoni
After this, former India captain Dhoni said, ‘To be honest, when we are on the field, we do not want to make any mistake. Be it misfielding or dropping catches or any other mistake. I have always tried to find out why the player dropped the catch and for what reason? Why did someone misfield? Being angry does not solve the matter. Already in the stadium, 40 thousand people are watching you sitting in the stadium and crores of people are watching the match on TV from above. So I always used to see what is the reason behind it?

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‘I used to look at things from the player’s perspective’
Dhoni further said, ‘If the player is 100 percent alert on the field and despite this he drops the catch, then I have no problem. Obviously I want to see how many catches he took in the practice session before that. If he has a problem and is trying to get better. I focus on all these things instead of dropping the catch. We may have lost the match because of that catch but the effort is always to see and understand things from the player’s point of view as well. I am human too. Inside I feel the same way as all of you do. We represent our country. So we feel worse but we try to control our emotions.

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