Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from IPL? A video of CSK increased the heartbeat of the fans.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s retirement discussion intensified again
A video of CSK increased the tension of the fans

New Delhi. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who won the IPL title for a record fifth time under his captaincy to Chennai Super Kings, was speculating about his retirement from IPL even before the start of IPL 2023. It was believed that this would be Dhoni’s last season. But, after winning the IPL 2023 title, Dhoni said that if fitness supports him, he can play in the next season as well. That is, Dhoni himself had put an end to all the rumours. But, now Chennai Super Kings themselves have shared a video, which has increased the heartbeat of the fans.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings shared a video on his Twitter handle with the caption, Oh Captain, My Captain. In this video, Dhoni is shown climbing the stairs and returning to the dressing room. In the video, Dhoni is also seen doing batting and wicketkeeping. Emotional music is playing in the background of this video. Since then, the same question is arising in the mind of the fans whether Dhoni is suddenly retiring from IPL as well? However, neither Dhoni nor any official statement has come from CSK on this matter.

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