Mahindra Thar converted into Electric SUV, see video

Mahindra Thar is currently one of the best budget off-roading SUVs in India. It comes with a powerful engine and has all the necessary features for off-roading. Its success is evident from the fact that despite being launched 1.5 years back, it is still being offered after a long waiting period. Now, an automobile designer has come up with an electric version of the Mahindra Thar. The designers have designed the Thar EV as a 3-door electric SUV, which retains the modern yet classic off-roading style in huge airless tires and an all-new bumper grille.

Bimble Designs shared multiple renders of the Thar EV on its Instagram account. posted Huh. They have built this off-roader with a 3-door design. In this, the model has been given a clean futuristic design with some retro elements. But still, the first glance at it will tell you that it is a Thar. The designers have fitted airless off-roading tires and also increased the suspension height.

At the front, it gets vertical slats inspired by the popular Jeep. Large wheel arches and redesigned bumper make the SUV feel bulky. There are not much changes in the design of the headlamps and tail-lamps, keeping the basic look of the Thar intact. The LED bars on the roof and front bumper look very attractive. For off-roading trips, it also gets a roof rack with ladder at the rear.

The designer has not given any information about its powertrain. Mahindra currently does not have an electric car in its fleet, but the company has already confirmed that Mahindra is going to launch several electric cars in the coming times. The company has also shared teasers of its 3 upcoming electric cars, which will be built on a completely new platform. Because some companies have launched their electric off-roading vehicles in the foreign market, it would not be wrong to guess that the Thar EV will also become a reality in the future.

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