man claims ChatGPT saved his dog’s life after veterinarians could not identify the disease

A man has claimed that his dog’s illness was detected before the doctors. Chat GPT (chat gpt) installed. It is a deep machine learning based chatbot. The full form of Chat GPT is Chat Generative Pretrend Transformer. Chat GPT has been developed by a company named Open AI. Chat GPT’s job is to prepare and answer the question asked by a user. A Twitter user named Cooper says that Chat GPT saved his dog’s life by detecting his blood condition. The man claims that the vets were unable to diagnose the disease.

Through the @peakcooper Twitter handle, Cooper has explained the incident in detail. It is written that a tick borne disease was detected in his dog Sammy. Showed to the doctor and started the treatment, but instead of benefiting, the symptoms kept getting worse. In his tweet, he wrote, #GPT4 saved my dog’s life.

‘My dog ​​got sick, so the vet started his treatment. He had severe anemia. Sammy’s health showed improvement for a few days after the treatment, but then things took a turn for the worse. According to Cooper, his dog’s gums had turned very pale. He went to the doctor again. Sammy has a blood test, which reveals more severe anemia. The doctor did many more tests, so that it could be known that the dog does not have any other disease.

A few days later, Cooper went to the doctor again. The doctors were unable to prescribe further treatment. He told them to wait. Cooper reported that Sammy’s condition was getting worse. The doctors were only asking to wait, which Cooper did not agree to. He went to another doctor. Meanwhile, Cooper felt that ChatGPT4’s help should be sought in this matter. He told AI about this in detail.

Cooper wrote down the results of his dog’s blood tests and asked ChatGPT for a diagnosis. ChatGPT said he is not a vet. However, the AI ​​suggested to Cooper that the dog’s blood tests and symptoms could indicate ‘immune mediated hemolytic anemia’ (IMHA). Cooper told this to the doctor. The doctor also confirmed the same and started the treatment. Cooper claims that his dog Sammy is fine now.

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