Mark Boucher Career ended with 999 dismissals MS Dhoni to Adam Gilchrist no one nearby only one ball broke the dream due to eye injury

New Delhi. Former South African cricketer and Mumbai Indians head coach Mark Boucher is considered one of the best wicketkeepers of all time. He has the biggest record of wicketkeeping. Veteran wicketkeepers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Adam Gilchrist and Kumar Sangakkara are also far behind Mark Boucher in terms of wicketkeeping records. Mark Boucher, who made his international debut against Pakistan in October 1997, played his last match in 2012 against New Zealand. When Boucher said goodbye to the cricketer, he had 998 wickets as a wicketkeeper. Apart from this, Mark Boucher has also taken a catch as a fielder. In such a situation, if we see, there are a total of 999 victims in the name of Mark Boucher. He was just two steps away from touching the figure of 1000 as a wicketkeeper, while as a player he was just one step away from this milestone. But one ball broke his dream.

Mark Boucher holds the world record of 998 dismissals by a wicket-keeper across all formats of cricket. Australia’s Adam Gilchrist (905) is second after Boucher in terms of maximum hunting by wicketkeepers in international cricket. India’s Mahendra Singh Dhoni (829) is at number three in this list. At the same time, Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka is at number four, who has taken 678 victims behind the wicket in his career. It also includes the highest number of victims (555) in Test cricket. He also tops the charts for most catches taken by a wicket-keeper in international cricket. Mark Boucher has 952 catches. The second name in this list is Adam Gilchrist (813) and the third name is Mahendra Singh Doni (634).

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Despite Mark Boucher holding the world record for wicketkeeping, he was forced to retire in 2012 and the reason for this was a ball. Mark Boucher could have become the first wicketkeeper to touch the figure of 1000, but he had to retire immediately due to a ball hitting his eye in the warm-up match.

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On 9 July 2012, the South African team was playing a warm-up match against Somerset. Mark Boucher was doing wicketkeeping in this match. Imran Tahir was bowling and Jamil Hussain was batting. It was a warm-up match and the front spinner was Imran Tahir. In such a situation, Mark Boucher was wearing only a cap instead of a helmet. Imran’s superb spin clean bowled Jameel Hussain, but a gilli flew into the eye of Mark Boucher standing behind the wicket. He was immediately taken for surgery.

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This incident happened with Mark Boucher on 9 July 2012 and the very next day i.e. on 10 July 2012, Mark Boucher announced his retirement from international cricket. Mark Boucher was hit on the left eye by the stumps, due to which he had to leave the field immediately. Realizing the seriousness of his injury, Mark Boucher immediately announced his retirement from international cricket.

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