mayank agarwal Lifestyle and net worth father in law dgp wife lawer Team India players Luxury Life | Team India: Father-in-law of this Indian cricketer is DGP, wife is lawyer, rules over property worth crores

Team India: Playing in Team India is the dream of every Indian player. By playing in the team, it becomes a big identity in itself. There is also a player in Team India who has illuminated his name all over the world, but the family of this player is also no less in this matter. This player is the owner of crores of assets, the father of this player is the CEO of a company and his father-in-law is the DGP. At the same time, the wife is a lawyer by profession. Let us tell you which player of Team India is this.

Father-in-law DGP is wife, lawyer

This player is the captain of the IPL team and manages to make a place in Team India on the basis of his game. We are talking about the mighty batsman Mayank Agarwal, Mayank has won the match for Team India many times on his own, while being the captain of Punjab Kings in the IPL. His father has a big hand in taking Mayank to this point. Mayank’s father Anurag Agarwal is the CEO of a healthcare company, while his mother Suchitra Singh is a housewife. Mayank married his childhood friend, Mayank’s wife Ashita Sood is a lawyer by profession. Mayank’s father-in-law Praveen Sood has been the police commissioner and is currently the DGP of Karnataka.

This cricketer is the owner of crores of assets

In IPL 2022, Punjab Kings retained Mayank Agarwal for Rs 12 crore. Mayank Agarwal is a player who worked hard to make a place in the team and as soon as he got a chance to play in the Indian team, he showed his batting skills to everyone. According to a report, Mayank’s net worth is about 3.5 million US dollars, which is about 26 crores in Indian currency. Mayank has deposited such a huge amount from his BCCI salary, IPL and his personal businesses.

This player has won the luxury life

Mayank Agarwal does not like collecting collections of cars. Mayank has some of the best luxury cars in the world in his small collection. Mercedes SUVs are also included in this list. Mayank Agarwal is the owner of a luxury designer house which is located in Bangalore. Apart from this, Mayank Agarwal also has many real estate properties across the country. Mayank Agarwal was included in the Indian team for the first time in 2018. He played the first test match against Australia in December 2018.

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