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Michael Holding says england does not have guts to cancel indian tour as they did with pakistan | ‘If India had been there, ENG would not have dared’, shocking statement of this veteran on Pakistan tour

London: England’s men’s and women’s teams were to tour Pakistan this month but the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) canceled the tour. The ECB took the decision three days after New Zealand canceled the tour of Pakistan shortly before the start of the first ODI due to security reasons. England’s men’s team has not toured Pakistan since 2005, while this would have been the first tour of Pakistan by their women’s team.

Michael Holding’s big statement

West Indies pace legend Michael Holding has said that the cancellation of England’s tour of Pakistan smacks of “Western arrogance” and the country would never do the same to a “rich and powerful” India.

According to BBC Sport, Holding said after receiving the Cricket Writers’ Club Peter Smith Award, ‘The ECB’s statement does not explain the situation. No one wants to come forward and face something because they know what they did was wrong. So he issued the statement and he hid under the guise of the statement. This reminds me of the nonsense he did on the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Signs of arrogance: Holding

Holding said, ‘I don’t want to get to the bottom of it because I’ve already said a lot about it. But it gives me hints of the same Western arrogance. I will treat you the way I like to treat you, it doesn’t matter what you think, I will do what I want’.

Had India been there, England would not have dared: Holding

Holding sympathized with Pakistan, saying that if it were India, it would not have dared to cancel the tour of England. He said, ‘Pakistan toured England for six or seven weeks before the vaccine was available. They stayed there. He played cricket there. He respected what England wanted from him’.

Holding said, ‘He had to go to Pakistan for four days? I am sure he would not have done this to India because India is rich and powerful.

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