Michael Vaughan Weird Advice to Virat Kohli forget that you are not married and do not have a kid

Virat Kohli, the former captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore and Team India, has been battling poor form for some time now. Many former cricketers and cricket pundits have given different advice regarding Virat’s poor form. Meanwhile, former England cricketer Michael Vaughan has given very strange advice. Vaughan wants Virat to think like the Virat 10 years ago. Vaughan believes that in this way the 33-year-old will return to form.

Virat’s poor form has been a headache for RCB in the current season. In this season, Virat has been out thrice without opening an account. Regarding advice for Virat, Vaughan said on Cricbuzz, ‘I think Faf du Plessis would have talked to Virat and said go back to 10 years ago, when you did not have this profile. When you were not married, when you did not have a child. You go on the field, score runs and have fun. Forget your age, and forget what you have done so far.’

Vaughan further wrote, ‘If he reaches 35, I think he will score big. Starting zero to 10 runs are proving difficult for them. Let him think a bit young and after that he will prove to be very dangerous.

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