Microlino, an electric car smaller than Tata Nano, caught fire as soon as it arrived! Runs 230 km in single charge, know the price

A new car is attracting everyone’s attention in the electric vehicle market. People are shocked to see this electric vehicle named Microlino. It looks like a small car but the company says that it is not a car, it is a four wheel electric vehicle. The car is becoming so popular that 30,000 reservations have already been made before its launch.

Microlino Swiss design electric vehicle. It looks like a car but is positioned between a car and a motorbike. There are many reasons for that. It takes up much less space than a car but is covered all around like a car. Along with this, space has also been given for storage. The EV can seat two people and has 230 liters of trunk space.

This attractive electric vehicle weighs only 535 kg and has a range of up to 230 km. The special thing is that it can run at a speed of up to 90km/h. Its base model gets a range of up to 115 km. According to the company, someone driving the car in the city can use it for about a week on a single charge.

It is a Class L7e vehicle in Europe which means it is technically a four wheeler but is designed like a compact car. It has a unibody chassis, a small battery and a negligible carbon footprint. 90 percent of its components are made in Europe. 30 thousand reservations have already been done for the vehicle. First of all, it is expected to be made available in Switzerland, the price can be $ 15,340 (about Rs 12 lakh). In Europe, it has been listed for $13,400 (roughly Rs. 10.5 lakh). Deliveries to Swiss customers will begin in the summer, while those in other parts of Europe will begin after that.

Microlino is being manufactured at the company’s facility in Turin, Italy. The plant can increase its production capacity from 1500 vehicles per year to 10 thousand vehicles per year.

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