Microsoft reduced workforce by 1000 from Sales Customer Services Report more details

Microsoft has reportedly laid off 1,000 employees. This retrenchment has been done last week. Most of the employees have been retrenched from the sales and customer service departments. Not only this, the company has closed its digital sales group and the customer service employees associated with it have been shown the way out. Recently there was news that the company is going to lay off more than 10,000 in 2023. The removal of these 1000 employees is said to be a part of the same retrenchment.

tech giants Microsoft employed a large number of lay off is of. The company has reduced the workforce of 1000 people. Business Insider’s According, Microsoft has started the work of laying off 10 thousand people in a year, which is to be done in 2023. The company has started it by reducing its headcount by 1,000. It has closed its Digital Sales and Success group. Its sales and customer service team has also been removed. Due to which the employees associated with sales and customer service have been shown the way out of the company.

Media reports say that the company has also abolished the post of Customer Solution Manager. Some of these people have been shifted to another role called Customer Success Account Management. most effect customer service has fallen on the employees associated with But engineers, project managers and marketing department employees have also been affected by the layoffs.

In the past, it was revealed in the reports that Microsoft has removed 276 employees who were members of the Customer Service, Support and Sales team. On behalf of Microsoft, the spokesperson has said in a media statement that organization and workforce adjustment is a routine work of business management. In May, the company laid off 158 employees, mostly from Washington State. It is said that Microsoft had a workforce of 2 lakh 20 thousand people at the beginning of the year.

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