Mike atherton said no fast bowler can take more wickets than james anderson in test


James Anderson is the number 1 bowler in Test cricket.
Former cricketer said a big thing about James Anderson.

New Delhi: England fast bowler James Anderson has recently achieved a special achievement. In fact, he has become the number 1 bowler in Test cricket. His rating has reached 866. He has achieved this feat leaving behind Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins. After this great achievement of James, former England cricketer Mike Atherton has spoken a lot about James.

Atherton wrote in a column for The Times, “To be the best in the world is a special achievement for anyone. But to do so at the age of 40 is really amazing. The way the calendar is changing. By the way, the popularity of Test cricket is decreasing a lot in comparison to T20. Anderson has to play 178 matches for so many wickets. No player will play so many matches in future. Especially any fast bowler.

Atherton further wrote, “No fast bowler in Test cricket will be able to take more wickets than Anderson.” Records are made to be broken but Anderson’s record can never be broken. As long as there is Test cricket, I think Anderson will stay on top. ,

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Please tell that Anderson has so far taken 682 wickets in 178 Test matches. He has done the feat of taking 10 wickets 3 times. At the same time, England fast bowler Stuart Broad is 111 wickets behind him. In such a situation, it seems impossible for any fast bowler to break Anderson’s record.

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