Thursday, December 9, 2021

Misbah ul Haq questioned PCB for the selection of squad in T20 World Cup 2021 |

New Delhi: There is always some ruckus going on in Pakistan cricket. Sometimes the players of this team clash with each other and sometimes there is a dispute in the management regarding some or the other thing. Now just before the T20 World Cup against India, there has been a new ruckus in Pakistan cricket. This time a veteran cricketer has made serious allegations against the management of this team.

This veteran made serious allegations

Former captain Misbah-ul-Haq said that there will be no improvement in Pakistan cricket until he changes the system and does not stop the habit of finding scapegoats. Misbah, speaking for the first time since his abrupt resignation last month, said “cosmetic surgery” is not going to change anything in Pakistan cricket as the problems are deep in the system. He said, ‘The problem is that our cricket only sees results and we do not have the time or patience to plan ahead and improve the system.’

Misbah’s big statement

“We don’t care that we have to develop our players at the domestic level and then work on their skill development in the national team,” Misbah said. We want results and if we don’t get desired results, we start looking for someone to be a scapegoat. Along with Misbah, bowling coach Waqar Younis had suddenly announced his resignation after returning from the West Indies last month. “Unfortunately, finding scapegoats has become common in Pakistan cricket. After losing a match or series, we start looking for scapegoats to save ourselves.

Questions raised on selection committee

“If we continue with this ‘cosmetic surgery’, nothing will change,” Misbah said. You can change the coach and the players but the internal problem will remain the same. He also criticized the working of the national selection committee and the way in which changes were made in the T20 World Cup team. He said, ‘What is happening? First you include some players in the World Cup squad and then after 10 days you bring back the players who have been dropped by taking a U-turn.

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