Misbah-ul-Haq raised questions about Pakistan cricket, said- we have to change the priorities

Karachi. Former Pakistan captain and head coach Misbah-ul-haq said that changing the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will not make any difference to the country’s game. Misbah told ‘Geo News Channel’ that we need to bring about a change in the way we run our cricket infrastructure and there is a need to change our priorities. He said that the decision of former Prime Minister Imran Khan to stop his role in departmental cricket and sports has not done any good for Pakistan cricket. It is known that PCB is under a lot of pressure right now. After the formation of the new government, the news of the removal of Chairman Rameez Raja is continuously coming.

Misbah-ul-Haq asked that it has been 3 years when there has been no departmental or institutional role in cricket or other sports and what have we achieved now? He said that these departments and institutions, which earlier used to spend money on cricket, are now spending it elsewhere. After the formation of the new government in Pakistan, the old officials are advocating to start departmental cricket again.

Afridi has also raised questions

Earlier, former captain Shahid Afridi had raised questions about government interference in the PCB. He had said that the PCB should be independent. It should have its own electoral system. Not only this, the government should not interfere in any way in this. It is known that in Pakistan the Prime Minister is automatically appointed as the guardian of the PCB. He selects 2 candidates, out of which one is chosen by the General Assembly.

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Afridi had said that if the board comes up with a new system, then it should be given due time to see the improvement. But changing officials too often has an impact on the entire system. At the same time, Misbah is advocating for starting the old tournament again.

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