Mobile Internet Speed ​​in India: India’s big jump in mobile internet speed! Russia reached this position, leaving behind Mexico

India has taken a giant leap in terms of mobile speed test. 5G services in India were launched in October 2022, after which the country has climbed several notches in the Global Speed ​​Test Index. This has been revealed in a recent survey. This report has been released by Ookla. According to which the average download speed in India has increased up to 115%. We tell you that according to the report, how much progress India has achieved in the speed test and at what position it has reached in the global level.

5G The speed and quality of mobile networks in India have improved a lot after the introduction of . A latest report from Ookla, a platform that surveys internet speed and networks globally. Report has been issued. It states that the average download speed in India has increased by up to 115%. Where it was 13.87 Mbps in September 2022, now it has increased to 29.85 Mbps in January 2023. That is, data is now being downloaded at the rate of about 30 MB per second in India.


India has moved up to 69th position in Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index.
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Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index India has climbed up several notches. In September 2022, where it was at number 118, now in January 2023 its position has become 69th. The country has jumped 49 places in the index. India has now overtaken many G20 countries in this list, including Mexico, Russia and Argentina, as well as India’s neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The report says that now India is in competition with countries like Turkey, South Africa and Brazil. The average download speed in Turkey is 30.98 Mbps, and the country is ranked 65th. Whereas, in South Africa it is 34.71 Mbps and it is at 58th position. Whereas in Brazil this speed is 35.85 Mbps and it is at 57th position.

5G in India About Ookla’s report says that initially when 5G services were launched, users were seeing a big difference in speed on 5G devices according to different regions. For example, the average download speed in Gujarat at that time was 512.57 Mbps, while it was only 19.23 Mbps in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. But by January 2023, it has reached close to 200 Mbps in almost all telecom circles. Although in Jammu and Kashmir And the big difference is still reported in Kolkata. According to the report, the average download speed in Jammu and Kashmir and Kolkata is close to 500 Mbps.

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