Mohammad Azharuddin reprimand Sachin Tendulkar Friend Vinod Kamble for coming late in team meeting during new zealand tour

New Delhi. Former Indian batsman Vinod Kambli’s career has been full of ups and downs. He was known as a very bubbly player in the team. In the cricket world, Kambli is also known as the best friend of Sachin Tendulkar. Although during an interview, Kambli had said that if Sachin wanted, his career could have been longer but it did not happen. After this incident, the distance between Sachin and Kambli was also seen. There was a time when the then captain Mohammad Azharuddin reprimanded Kambli fiercely. After this incident, his face remained blank.

This sentence is about two and a half decades old. Virod Kambli used to be the only player in Team India in those days who used to have a lot of fun and jokes. Ajay Jadeja also used to support Kambli a lot in jokes. Then the responsibility of the team was on the shoulders of Mohammad Azharuddin. Generally, Azharuddin was considered to be a calm captain, but once he got into trouble with Vinod Kambli.

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Azharuddin had vented his anger on Vinod Kambli. This insult of Kambli happened in the midst of all the other cricketers during the team meeting. In such a situation, he was very embarrassed. This sentence is about the Indian team’s tour of New Zealand. Sanjay Manjrekar used to play in the team as a senior cricketer then.

Sanjay Manjrekar had told during one of his interviews that Ajju Bhai had fiercely criticized Virod Kambli. Actually, instead of attending the team meeting, Kambli was roaming outside. He remained missing from the team meeting for 10 minutes and was passing the time outside in his own joking style. As soon as Kambli arrived at the meeting, Azharuddin’s anger rose and he lashed out at Kambli. Azharuddin used the English idiom ‘spring chicken’ for Kambli. Which means that you are no longer a young boy who will do whatever you want. You are a senior player.

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