Mohammad Siraj was shocked by the nefarious act of Steve Smith, there was a scuffle in the middle ground


Mohammad Siraj shocked by Steve Smith’s nefarious act
skirmish in the middle

New Delhi. The game of the second day of the final match of the ICC World Test Championship 2021-2023 has started. In the initial overs, the pair of Head and Smith once again stunned the Indian bowlers. During this, Mohammed Siraj was also seen swinging angrily at the experienced batsman of the opposition team, Steve Smith.

Actually, this incident was seen after the completion of Steve Smith’s century. The Australian batsman completed the 30th century of his Test career by hitting two consecutive fours against Siraj. On the next ball, he suddenly withdrew from the bat citing the problem of light.

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By the time Steve Smith left the batting position, Siraj was in full action of bowling. Siraj got very angry after Smith retreated on the last occasion and he took out his anger by throwing the ball towards him. Meanwhile, there was also a slight scuffle between the two players, but the matter kept moving forward. Before that both the players started concentrating on their game.

Siraj showed tension:

Mohammad Siraj looked very angry after this incident with Steve Smith. Team India also got the benefit of this. He consistently bowled many excellent bouncers against the opposition batsmen. The result of this was that the team got great success as the head. Head became the victim of Siraj by scoring 163 runs in the first innings. Bharat caught his brilliant catch behind the wicket.

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