Mohammed Siraj was going to play an important tournament of his career, suddenly something like this happened, he said – if he had not been admitted, he could have died

New Delhi. Mohammed Siraj of Royal Challengers Bangalore told about an important event related to his career. Siraj, who rocked his bowling in IPL 2023, told that there was a time in the year 2017 that he felt that he was on the verge of death. If he had not been admitted to the hospital then, he might have died. Siraj also told that then the coach of the team did not even believe him. The reason for this was also Siraj himself.

Mohammad Siraj told during the Breakfast with Champion show, “I had become a victim of dengue disease and my platelets were continuously falling. The next morning the Under-23 team of Hyderabad had to leave for the match. I was tense and was moving here and there. My name was included in the team but I was admitted in the hospital. There was a huge drop in my blood count. If I had not been admitted at that time, I might have died.

Siraj told that I informed my coach about this. Because I was new in the team, no one believed me. Siraj also gave the reason for not believing his words. He said that he often used to miss practice by making an excuse of illness.

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