Tuesday, November 30, 2021

momin saqib viral boy on india pakistan t20 match in world cup htgp

In the T20 World Cup 2021, India’s first match is to be against arch-rivals Pakistan. Both will start their journey with a match against each other on October 24. Fans of both the countries are eagerly waiting for this match. Meanwhile, the video of the boy with ‘Hit Me Maro’ is going viral again on social media. This time he got emotional in the same way and told that it is very important for brother Pakistan to win this match.

Actually, Momin Saqib is the same Pakistani fan, whose video was very much after the defeat of Pakistan in the ODI World Cup 2019, after the same video this boy became famous all over the world. This boy has once again spoken on the Indo-Pak match. Momin said that there are only two matches, one is Indo-Pak match and the other is Aamir Khan’s match with Lagaan movie. Those who hold your breath, those days are remembered by humans and the same is going to happen on 24th March of this month.

Momin further said that it seems like the oath of God that the match of 2019 is over yesterday, the time is not known. Winning this match is very important for Pakistan. After this this boy starts doing shadow bowling and batting. As soon as Momin posted this video on Instagram, it went viral. People started sharing it fiercely. Not only this, some people also took a pinch of Pakistan on this.

Let us tell you that in the T20 World Cup 2021, India-Pakistan match will be played on October 24. Team India’s performance in warm-up matches has been strong. After beating England in a one-sided manner, Team India also beat Australia on all four sides. The Indian team has shown that it is fully prepared for this tournament. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the great match against India and Pakistan.

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