Most expensive last ball in cricket history? Only the captain looted 18 runs, this happened in India, know the name of the bowler?


The bowler looted 18 runs in the last ball
This feat happened in Tamil Nadu Premier League

New Delhi. IPL 2023 is over. But, through the Tamil Nadu Premier League, fans are once again enjoying instant cricket. In the very second match of TNPL 2023 something happened that became a record. In the match played between Salem Spartans and Chepauk Super Gillies, a Spartans bowler Abhishek Tanwar bowled the costliest ball in T20 history. Now you too must have been thinking that you had heard about the most expensive over, where did this most expensive last ball come from.

Abhishek Tanwar bowled the last over of Super Gillis’ innings. He gave only 8 runs in the first 5 balls. But, in the last ball of Gillis’s innings, this pacer gave away 18 runs. Now you must also be thinking that how 18 runs in one ball? So we tell how it happened. Abhishek Tanwar clean bowled Super Gillis batsman Sanjay Yadav on the last ball. He was celebrating the happiness of this wicket that the umpire declared this ball as a no-ball. It was also seen in the replays that Abhishek’s leg was far ahead of the crease while throwing the ball.

18 runs looted in the last ball
Abhishek’s next ball was a free hit. This was also a no ball. On this, Sanjay Yadav hit a six over deep midwicket. Abhishek again bowled the last ball. This time again he bowled a no ball, on which Sanjay took two runs and he again came on strike. After 3 consecutive no balls, now Abhishek has thrown a wide. 1 run came on this ball. Abhishek again came to bowl the last ball. This time Super Gillis’ batsman Sanjay again fired in the air towards the mid-wicket boundary and the ball fell straight across the boundary. In this way, a total of 18 runs came in the last ball.

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