Most Expensive Over in Test Cricket Robin Peterson tweets Sad to lose my record today After Stuart Broad breaks his world record

Be it cricket or any other sport, the saying fits everywhere that records are made to be broken. But if you have a shameful record in your name, which can hardly be removed from your name for the rest of your life, and if that record is broken, then obviously you will be happy. But former South African spinner Robin Pietersen is a little disappointed at the breaking of a similar embarrassing record to his name. Actually Robin Pietersen had the world record for bowling the most expensive over in the history of Test cricket, which was made by West Indies legend Brian Lara.

On the second day of the fifth Test against England, Indian captain Jasprit Bumrah scored 29 runs on Stuart Broad to set the world record for most runs in an over in Test cricket and surpassed the feat of legendary cricketer Brian Lara by one run. This world record was held by Lara for 18 years, which he achieved in a Test match in 2003–04 by scoring 28 runs over South African left-arm spinner Robin Peterson, which included four fours and two sixes in six valid balls.

Stuart Broad bowled the most expensive over in the history of Test cricket, Jasprit Bumrah opened the thread

On breaking his own record for the most expensive over, Robin tweeted, “Sad to lose my record today Oh well, records are made to be broken I guess. Now on to the next.” However, he has expressed grief over breaking his record in a funny way.

Broad conceded 35 runs in the 84th over of India’s first innings in the fifth Test on Saturday, including six extra runs (five wides and one no ball). Indian skipper Bumrah remained unbeaten on 31 off 16 balls with four fours and two sixes.

The over, however, started with a hook shot which Bumrah could not time which went for a boundary, after which in desperation, Broad hit a bouncer who was wide that went off the ground and got five runs.

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The next ball was a ‘no ball’ on which Bumrah hit a six. On the next three balls, Bumrah hit three fours in different directions – at mid on, final leg and mid wicket. Then Bumrah hit a six at deep mid-wicket and took a run in the last ball to make a total of 35 runs in this over. India thus scored 416 runs in the first innings with hundreds of Rishabh Pant (146 runs) and Ravindra Jadeja (104 runs).

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